Lorraine's Sustainablity

" Yunnan Lorraine Aromatic Products Co.,Ltd engages in the natural essential oils and other natural ingredients for many years.  Our current success in businesses is based on our insistence on the “naturalism”, therefore, we are searching ways to minimize the impact of the business on the environment and take the sustainable development as one of company's plan."

Environment Protection

Lorraine believes that "Sustainable Development Is Everyone's Responsibility." 

The Sustainability of Lorraine 

Based on our innovative capabilities, we are implementing a sustainable profit growth strategy to increase the value of the company. For Lorraine, the essence of sustainable development is "future feasibility" and therefore constitutes an integral part of our business strategy. Because of our natural values, our mission has become the basis of our sustainable actions.



Lorraine provides information on the safe use of its products, as well as 100% natural essential oils and other sources of aromatic chemicals promised to customers. We are committed to preventing or reducing the use of any chemicals or substances that are harmful to the human body, so as not to affect our health and the environment. .

Lorraine ensures that, “Of all products, if we promise that it is natural, then it will be 100% natural and there will never be any harm to humans or the environment”. We constantly update product information and continuously revise the risk assessments, including: Risk Assessments Related to Raw Material Suppliers and Farmers, Safety Aspects and Environmental Impact Assessments, and Exploration of Updated Research".


"The production of natural essential oils and other natural ingredients does not pose a risk or harm to humans or the environment." This is an important goal of LORRAINE. Therefore, we have developed a collective safety management system that covers the workplace safety and the office security. Our workplace safety standards will be consistent with the international standards ISO and GMP.

Lorraine provides continuous trainings for its safety experts. We regularly hold training courses, for example: training on factory safety and explosion protection. Safety training in Lorraine is organized by experts from companies, governments or third-party agencies. 

Not only do our security experts regularly attend the course, but also all the company’s employees receive safety trainings for their individual workplaces. The topics cover from the general safety guidelines for office and laboratory staff to the proper use of respirator and hazardous materials.

Lorraine ensures the safe production, storage and transportation of its products. Before loading the vehicles, we conduct a rigorous inspection of them. If the parcels or vehicles fail the inspection, we will return them until it passes the inspection. Lorraine believes that well-trained personnels are an important part of production and transportation safety..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     For any other information that interested please contact our service team at lorraine@lorraine-china.com.