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" We had been actively involved in the Chinese Essential 

oils market for over 18 years thanks to our dedicated 

teams and with their efforts availability of extensive range 

of products become possible."


We have been actively involved in the Chinese Essential Oils market thanks to our dedicated teams and with their efforts availability of extensive range of products become possible..

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natural isolates

With our modern Isolation equipment and well developed technology,enables us to isolate more than 15 high purity natural  ingredients...                                                                                                



With several years production,we can offer Osmanthus,Orris,Rose Concrete and Absolute etc...


discovery new

With the efforts of our specialized experience research and development teams and other third party research organizations,we develop new& innovative products...


Discover our Production Capabilities

Except a large product portfolio and innovative product applications, raw materials production and supply capabilities is also a key component of Lorraine’s sucess in the F&F industry.

Close collaboration with qualified farmers and partners

Lorraine ensures that all its products are 100% Pure Natural

Osmanthus-Innovative approach to the Fragrance&Flavor Industry

Sustainable Chinese Geranium Oil produced with farmers in Dali