We offer our clients the products and services they need most, tailor-made to their specific and challenged requirements
Growth in a Dynamic market
Making our clients and business partners grow toghther
We are committed to the production and supply of specialty chemicals of the finest quality for the global market.
We are focus on research & development for continuous improvement in our products and processes.
We strive to create a superior Customer experience through innovation in product and process development, outstanding service levels, and integrity.
OUR people are our strength and we promote a work culture that is geared towards achieving excellence.


Our Vision:
WE will strive to build a truly world-class chemical company and an enduringly great organization, run by a dedicated, motivated team with outstanding competencies.

Our Values:
Innovation: We are research-driven; we always attempt to find better, faster and more cost-effective solutions.
Excellence: We aim to set global benchmarks for product quality, safety standards, service and responsiveness to Customer needs.
Integrity: We will act in a manner that is honest, fair and transparent in all instances.
Respect for the Individual: We will treat all persons with dignity and respect in all of our interactions.
Employee Development: We will ensure that each member of the Anthea Family is provided with adequate opportunities for personal development, growth and fulfillment.
Corporate Social Responsibility: We will aspire to the highest levels of social responsibility and aim to be a model corporate citizen of China and the world.
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