Company Structure

Lorraine pursues a policy of keeping corporate staff structure lean, and our company is organized into several business segments for the following:

Management&HR Segment

Lorraine’s management and HR have great influence for inspire the Lorraine Team and guarantee the company runs and operation will good orders. Our management teams’ works including make plan for factories production and company’s future development strategy ,organizing, Coordinating segments, Etc.

Production Segment

The production segment is one of the most important segments in Lorraine's operation.They are responsible for the purchasing of raw materials from farmers,production according to the schedules and also assistance to the technical and reserch segments with the new products developments.

Project Segment

Our project segment also has a lot of works to support the Lorraine's operation. The Project teams' work including analyzing our business needs,checking the current operations situation, planning and designing the new products project development,executing,monitoring and controlling the projects according to plan.

Sales Segment

The Sales segment is also one of our most important segments in the whole company operation.This segment is closely connected with production segment.Our sales segment includes Oversea and domestic business. With our dedicated and professional sales team,our company is making progress day by day.

Technical&Research Segment

The Technical and Research segment is the soul of our company,they are responsible for all the quality and innovation of new products.With several years' efforts and development,currently this segment has already developed about 12 new and innovative products and they are sold to many clients in global.

Logistic&Clients Services Segment

Lorraine is always trying our best to gurantee our clients deliver them the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right place and time.And this great job is done by our passion logistic and clients' services teams.Their jobs plays great role and also are full of challanges to meet all the clients' delivery requirements.

Account Segment

This segment is one of Lorraine's lifelines for operation.They are responsible for checking and controlling the cashflow, all the costs that are involved in the operation for all the segment and also help sales teams to analyze the clients' credits and risks when doing business.

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