Advantages and Services

We deliver the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right place and time.

Lorraine is one of the best suppliers in China providing natural ingredients and services professionals – every day we get a little bit better.

Lorraine is an innovative organization with outstanding, dedicated People. We will continue to be the most reliable producer and supplier of good quality natural essential oils and aromatic chemicals to our Customers.


Our Advantages  

*  Strict quality control of products
*  Competitive price, stable and reliable sources
*  Excellent customer services from responsible sales and R&D team with professional knowledge
*  More flexible regarding payment terms
*  Availability of full range of materials applied in F&F industry


Our Services

In addition to a large product portfolio and innovative product applications, a spectrum of services is also a key component of Lorraine’s Integrated Flavor and Fragrance Solutions. These include warehouse services; Air & Sea Shipment services; Products innovation services, supply chain services, Flavour &Fragrance high price ingredients replacement solutions and technical services.

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