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The definitely traceable product safety is one of the crucial quality criteria in the complete production process of Lorraine to meet these requirements; Quality Control is an essential part of our corporate principles and has always been seen as a matter of course.

Our quality management includes a policy of continuous improvement. Therefore we select our suppliers and ingredients carefully, which are monitored permanently via planned supplier audits and raw material controls. Our quality management system guarantees the controllable and complete product safety in all steps of the production process.

Quality Control System

Providing satisfactory and high quality fragrance ingredients is our consistent principle. Our quality inspector takes charge of quality follow-up control system during the whole process of purchasing of raw materials, production, inspection of finished products, packaging, storage, and delivery.
Our quality lab makes random sampling test of raw materials and finished products for analysis and evaluation according to standard testing method. Such as Gas Chromatograph, Polarimeter , Refractometer etc.

Management System of Sampling Room

We set up a sampling room for keeping reserved samples from each batch of representative sample sent and goods delivered, as well as related specification sheets and COAs to ensure the complete identical and traceability of samples and goods.

Database of Quality Standard
We have established a set of quality databases according to quality standards including FCC Ⅳ, BP2004, USP2004, EuA2003 and other national and international industrial standards. We conduct our inspection by practicing the databases of quality standard.
KOSHER Certified

Our products had passed the certification of American Judaic food KOSHER CERT since 2006. 
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