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Lorraine,get from Nature and harmony with Nature.

Lorraine believe" Sustainability is everyone's Responsibility."

Yunnan Lorraine Aromatic Products Co.,Ltd is engaged in the natural essential oils and other natural ingredients for many years, and we deeply believe our current success of businesses owes much to the Mother Nature. Therefore, we are always in search of ways to minimize our impact on the Environment and put the Sustainability strategy as our company’s development plan.

With the fast development of Essential oils market in China, we recognize there is a significant opportunity to protect and recycle all the natural materials we use to put our products in the hands of our consumers. 

The standards of lorraine are presented in all areas of our operations and direct us to use the best methods we can apply to reduce or eliminate negative environmental impact. Lorraine is implementing procedures within the program in stages till we achieve our goal of a completely eco-friendly global operation.

As one of main producers, inventors and suppliers of natural essential oils and other nature ingredients in China, Lorraine continues to focus on its core competencies in the development of new solutions in the fast-growing, innovation-driven areas of Flavor&Fragrance, Pharmaceutical,nutrition and high-tech ingredients.

Based on our innovation capability, we are pursuing a strategy of sustainable and profitable growth to increase the value of our company. For Lorraine, sustainability essentially means future viability and is therefore an integral part of our business strategy. Together with our value concept Nature, our mission forms the basis of our sustainable actions. 

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