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LORRAINE’s business success is chiefly due to its dedicated teams. We create the right conditions for all employees to develop their abilities to the fullest extent. Our training and advancement programs help employees with each qualification and career step, from trainee up to top manager. 
LORRAINE offers fair opportunities development platform and advanced training to all employees. After all, we need skilled and professional workers if LORRAINE is to remain innovative and competitive. Personnel development at LORRAINE both seeks to cultivate employees’ strengths and targets specific groups. We encourage our teams to never stop the learning process and to remain open to change – also with a view to the reality of adjusting to a longer work-life. 
Another focus of our personnel-development activities is on identifying and promoting young management potential. To obtain top potential, LORRAINE implements a uniform process that encompasses all leadership levels. Participation in development programs is determined by groupwide successor planning, annual performance reviews and employee interests. 
LORRAINE hires new employees and executives solely on the basis of qualification. Equal treatment applies to both men and women at LORRAINE. It goes without saying that we offer equal opportunities to all employees, regardless of their gender. 
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