Absolute and Concrete

Natural Concrete and absolute are the valuable perfumery products used in expensive floral perfumes. With several years development and production,in Yunnan Lorraine the extensive range of competitive and high quality absolute and concrete become possible....

With the short-path distillation equipment, improved processing techniques and more safe food grade organic solvents, our natural concrete and absolute is much better

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"Lorraine Aromatic choose the Best Osmanthus Flowersfrom Gui-zhou"

The Osmanthus flowers we choose are planted in Guizhou province,and the average altitude is 1100 meters with abundant warm and ample sunshine, the soil is also rich in Selenium and organic matters,making this place the best grow place and best quality for Osmanthus flowers in China.







Area source : Zhejiang China 
Crop Season Nov. and over have about 10 days to collect the flowers.
Uses Can be used as Chrysanthemum flavor and widely used as the ingredients in Beverage industry,Oral and Health care products

Lorraine's anual capacity: 5 Tons Chrysanthemum concrete and 600kgs Absolute  



"Choose the best Jasmine Flowers (Jasminum sambac Linn.Aiton )from Guangxi China"

The Jasmine flowers we choosed is planted in the place of Northern latitude 23°,With abundant rainfall and ample sunshine, the soil also rich in Selenium and organic matter,making this place is the best grow place and best quality for the Jasmine flowers in China.

For the material of flower we have long term cooperations with the qualified plantations which guarantee the stable supply and safety of the products.

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Except a large product portfolio and innovative product applications, raw materials production and supply capabilities is also a key component of Lorraine’s sucess in the F&F industry.

Close collaboration with qualified farmers and partners

Lorraine ensures that all its products are 100% Pure Natural

Osmanthus-Innovative approach to the Fragrance&Flavor Industry

Sustainable Chinese Geranium Oil produced with farmers in Dali