Natural Isolates

Consumer Natural Isolates and other natural aromatic extract" isolated" from natural sources,often using fractional distillation.Because of their natural origins, these fragrance and flavor chemicals are being added to the pallette of many natural perfumes and formulations.

With our new equiped Isolation production lines,we are committed to the production and supply of the finest quality of the Natural Isolates to the F&F industry.

Explore our main products of Natural isolates

Eucalyptol Anethol Natural
Citral Natural Gamma Terpinene Natural
Terpinen-4-ol Natural Linalool Natural
Linalyl Acetate Natural Alpha Terpinene 

Discover our Production Capabilities

Except a large product portfolio and innovative product applications, raw materials production and supply capabilities is also a key component of Lorraine’s sucess in the F&F industry.

Close collaboration with qualified farmers and partners

Lorraine ensures that all its products are 100% Pure Natural

Osmanthus-Innovative approach to the Fragrance&Flavor Industry

Sustainable Chinese Geranium Oil produced with farmers in Dali